Supply list

1. Surface

Canvas panels sizes 11x14 or 12x16 inches will work well for this plein air class. 

2. Brushes

I recommend bristle brushes sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12. I use both flats and filberts along with a small, round watercolor brush for details. I use Robert Simmons Signets almost exclusively. However, feel free to bring the brushes you are most comfortable with unless they are stiff from lack of proper cleaning.

3. Paints

I prefer to use the paints made by Robert Gamblin. You can find all of the paints listed below by following this link: However, feel free to use another brand or shop locally if you would prefer. I recommend buying a 150ml tube of Titanium White and 37ml tubes of all the others.

1) Titanium White

2) Cadmium Lemon

3) Cadmium Yellow Deep

4) Golden Ocher

5) Cadmium Red Light

6) Indian Red

7) Alizarin Permanent

8) Transparent Earth Red

9) Viridian

10) Cobalt Teal

11) Cobalt Blue

12) Prussian Blue

Thinner and Medium

Odorless Paint Thinner (purchase at any hardware store) for cleaning brushes. 

I recommend using Gamblin’s Galkyd Gel for your plein air work because it speeds drying time. Also, you can squeeze the gel onto your pallet without it running all over the place. If you already have a favorite medium feel free to use that instead.

French Easel and other Equipment 

There are many different easels designed for the plein air painter but the most common, straight forward and affordable that I have found is the French Easel. Most local art supply stores carry them and they are readily available online. Follow this link to see an easel that I would recommend: 

Also, an umbrella that attaches to your easel can be very helpful. Direct sunlight on your painting or pallet makes it very difficult to make accurate color judgments. Follow this link to see the tool I’m talking about: It’s listed for sale separately close to the bottom of the page.

Bags, hats, water bottles, comfy shoes and clothes are all recommended. Also, make sure that you bring a sketchbook. 

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