Figure Drawing and Painting Workshop With TERRY MIURA
Materials List

Portable Easel: Please make sure that your easel can support the weight of a drawing board plus a large (19 x 24 or 14 x 17) drawing pad. In other words, pochade boxes aren’t going to work.


Drawing Board: If it doesn’t come with clamps, be sure to get a couple.
Drawing Paper: A pad of 19 x 24 or 14 x 17 paper. I like the Bienfang Graphics 360

100% Rag Marker Paper. Newsprint is OK. Don’t get thick or stiff paper.

Toned Paper: I will provide these. (If you want to get your own, get Strathmore 500

series charcoal paper in Velvet Gray or Storm Gray)

Charcoal Pencils: Your standard General’s charcoal pencils. 4B or 6B.

Sanguine Pencils: I will provide these. (If you want to get your own, get Stabilo Carbothello 1400/645)

White Conte: I will provide these.
Xacto Knife: please have a new no.11 blade. Dull blades are useless. Sand Pad: Art supply stores have these.


Paints: Oil paints. Unless otherwise noted, any brand will do, but avoid student grade paints such as Winton. Here are the basic colors we'll use.

Titanium White
Cadmium Lemon (not Cadmium Lemon "Hue")

Cadmium Red Light or Medium (not Cadmium Red "Hue") or Permanent Red by Rembrandt (much cheaper than cadmium)

Alizarin Crimson
Ultramarine Blue

Cerulean or Cobalt Blue
Yellow Ochre (
Don't get Windsor Newton - too dark.)
Transparent Earth Red (Gamblin) or Transparent Oxide Red (Rembrandt)
Ivory Black

Supports: Stretched canvas, canvas boards, canvas panels are all acceptable. Bring several. If you want the best, look for oil-primed linen. 12 x 16 is a good size.

Solvents: Gamsol

Mediums: We won't be using mediums.

Brushes: Bristle oil painting brushes, No.2, 6 and 8. Flats or filberts. No brights. No sables, synthetics, or other similar soft brushes. and please, no worn out brushes!

Brush cleaning tank: (aluminum plein air brush washing tanks are best. Glass jars with metal coil inside are also good.) -make sure they're air-tight. - fill it with GAMSOL. Little teeny cups are useless for cleaning brushes!

Palette: Glass is best. Wooden palettes are good too, but make sure you've used it before bringing to the workshop. No brand-new wood palettes. If you want to buy a decent portable palette, I recommend the French Companion by Jack Richeson and fitting it with glass. Whatever system you use, make sure to try it out before coming to the workshop! I don't recommend paper palettes.

Palette knife: an ordinary trowel shaped one. 3 inch blade length. Paper towels: Bring the whole roll. Viva is best.
Sketchbook and pen or pencil.
Panel Carrier or some other way of transporting wet paintings. Trash bag: For discarding paper towels. Grocery bags work well. Miscellaneous:

Paint scraper (if you're using a glass palette)

Whatever easel/palette system you use, PLEASE be familiar with your equipment. Painting is hard enough without struggling with unnecessary frustrations like coming to

a workshop with a brand new French Companion palette and finding out you have no way of supporting it! If you’re a beginner, please do yourself a favor and do some paintings with the gear you plan to use at the workshop!! 

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