Supply List-


5 sheets of toned Canson paper  (Buff, Oyster, Pearl, Moonstone, Cream, or any other off whites/greys) they should be the large 18x26 inch variety.  

1 stick jumbo charcoal

1-kneaded eraser

Vine charcoal in soft, medium, and hard (brands can be Grumbacher, Winsor & Newton and Nitram)

White chalk- Rembrandt pastel

Conte crayons (white and black)

Conte pencils (white and black)

Generals charcoal pencils, HB, Medium, Hard, Soft

Final charcoal spray fixative- Lascaux, Krylon Matte, or other brands.


#1 round bristle brush

#2 long flat bristle

 #8 long flat bristle

#8 round bristle (or similar)

Masking tape or Bulldog clips, for securing paper to board.

A drawing board to accommodate an 18x26 page.  Please keep the width down to 19 inches.  


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