In this class, Alla Prima (single session) painting will be encouraged. It will be important for the student to have plenty of prepared surfaces on which to paint ).  To make the subjects more personal, students are encouraged to bring a 1-2 favorite still life subjects.

With regards to painting material (ie. brushes and paints) please bring the colors and brushes that you are familiar with and already own. My materials suggestions/personal preferences are listed below.

Canvas, panel, or gessoed paper

At least 4, from 4” x 6” to 18” x 24”

white - titanium or lead white yellows - cadmium yellow light


cadmium yellow deep indian yellow
yellow ochre
raw sienna


cadmium red light
earth red - English or Venetian indian red
quinacridone red
burnt sienna

 viridian blues - cerulean blue

ultramarine blue, ivory black

A variety of sizes shapes and fibers
Filberts, rounds, flats
suggested - Utrecht's nylon sablette (filbert)

Palette - paper, wood or tray Palette Knife
Mediums: linseed oil

small container for holding medium

Solvent: oderless paint thinner mineral spirits

metal or plastic container with a lid in which to place used solvent 

Stanley Bielen

11025 Carpenter Street

Philadelphia,, Pennsylvania 19147



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