Romel de la Torre Workshop Supply List


Oil Paints: 

1. Cad. Yellow Lemon or Light (Rembrandt or Winsor & Newton) 

2. Cad. Yellow Deep (Rembrandt) 

3. Yellow Ochre (Rembrandt or Utrecth) 

4. Cadmium Red (Winsor & Newton) 

5. Terra Rosa (Holbein or Winsor & Newton) 

6. Quanacridone Red or Red Rose (Gamblin or Rembrandt) 

7. Burnt Sienna (Winsor & Newton)  

8. Permanent Alizarin Crimson (Utrecth or Gamblin) 

9. Viridian Green (Rembrandt or Michael Harding) 

10. Ultramarine Blue Deep (Rembrandt or Michael Harding) 

11. Manganese Blue (Rembrandt or Sennelier) 

12. Ivory Black (M. Graham or Williamsburg)  

13. Titanium White (Williamsburg, Utrecht or Rembrandt) Large tubes

(You don't necessarily have to have these brands but I'm listing here the paint brand/s that I use.)  





Bristles (Robert Simmons) 

#4, 6 (filberts) 

#10, 12 (flats) 

Trekell 400MKF  #1, #2 (long filberts)  


Rosemary & Co (Masters Choice long flat - Series 279)  -  #1, 2, 6  


(Please no Nylon brushes except Bristle




I use the Claessens #12 & #13(portrait) and Utrecht-Claessens (type 820) oil primed linen. (I cut these to size and tape them on a flat board) 

Acrylic primed canvas is ok. 


Painting Panels can also be used (I would recommend Jack Richeson Grey Toned Gesso Hardboard Panels)  


Sizes: 16X20 - 18X24

(Please NO paper or cheap Canvas boards)   



Other Supplies: 

Digital Camera

Ipad or Tablet (For those people who wants to work from live model/photo. Cell phones are also okay) 


Palette knife


Small mirror

Odorless Turps (Turpenoid or Gamsol)  


Turpentine cup or Brush washer

Mahl Stick

Board and Duck tape (for those who prefer to tape a piece of canvas onto a board) 


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