Single Sheets mid tone gray Drawing Paper:  Any good quality drawing paper that you like--you will need about 2 sheets. Middle or Light grey tone is ideal. "Mi Tientes” (smooth side) or "Ingres" paper works well. at least 18x24 or larger

 Pitt pastel pencils # 190 https://www.dickblick.com/items/20546-3130/ or Conte Sanguine Pencil

Stick of white Conte or similar
Generals Charcoal drawing pencils: soft, medium and hard

Generals charcoal sticks https://www.dickblick.com/items/22921-2001/

Vine Charcoal

Drawing Board 

Kneaded eraser
Chamois cloth
Pencil Sharpener or razor blade



Paint colors (oils): burnt umber, burnt sienna, cadmium yellow light, cadmium orange, cadmium red light, permanent rose, alizarin crimson,manganese violet, diozixine violet (optional), ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, phthalocyanine blue(optional), viridian, phthalocyanine green (optional),  titanium white or lead (flake white)white or lead white replacement. 

Brushes: hog bristle filbert shaped bristle brushes: #2, #4, #6, and #8 (Any brand of hog bristle is fine but Rob likes Silver Brush "Grand Prix" type). Filbert Series 1003 

filbert shaped sable brushes: #2 and #4 (Rob likes both Silver "Renaissance"  Cat's Tongue sable brushes
Palette knife


Medium: stand or linseed oil (or medium of choice), solvent such as turpenoid or gamsol. 
Rags (or good paper towels)
Canvas or Panels: need  about three  11"x14" or 16"x20" toned mid-gray with acrylic paint.  Centurian linen canvas or Ampersand gesso panels are goYou can tone them with white plus a little ivory black and a hint of burnt umber or use "Golden Heavy Bodied Neutral Gray N6" premixed acrylic. Canvas should look similar to this box:


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