Canvas:  One 18x22 inch stretched canvas or board or size close to it.  Ready made sizes minimum are 16 x 20 - 18 x 24.


Lead white (Cremnitz white; preferably in linseed oil)

Genuine Naples Yellow Light (Michael Harding recommended)

Yellow Ochre

Cadmium Scarlet or Genuine Vermilion

Indian or Venetian red

Transparent Red Oxide

Ultramarine Blue

Cobalt Blue

Chrome Oxide Green


Burnt Umber

***Michael Harding or Old Holland generally recommended unless otherwise specified



Your preferred solvent

Cleaned linseed oil (Chelsea Classical Studios Linseed Oil recommended, they should have this at Jerry’s in East Nashville)



Assortment of hog bristle brushes, filberts and egberts recommended. 

A few “drawing brushes” for precision refinements, soft hair pointed brushes (I use Rosemary Mongoose imitation brushes)


Palette knife


White, oil primed linen canvas, large enough to make a slightly under life-sized portrait. 


Willow charcoal for underdrawing. 


Your preferred painting surface, glass/wood palette, etc. 


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