•   Portable easel (french easel, half easel, pochade box or something appropriate for outdoor use)

  •   Container for washing brushes (Holbein brush cleaner, Silicoil jar, or something similar)

  •   Odorless Mineral Spirits- Gamsol Only

  •   Mediums, Faster drying (Randy has been using Graham’s Walnut Alkyd Medium

    most recently with great results )

  •   Portable Palette (appropriate for outdoor use)

  •   Paper Towels or Rags

  •   Natural Bristle Brushes - A well maintained assortment that contains some of the following:

    •   Hog Bristle: Filberts, Flats and Rounds #4, #6 and #8 and 1 larger Flat.

    •   Soft Synthetic or Natural Hair: Brights and Rounds 1/8‖ and 1/4‖.

Soft Hair Rigger or Lettering Brush (if you can find one)

  •   Palette knife

  •   PanelsRandy currently uses oil primed linen panels with a medium tooth (New Traditions Art Panels, C-15 or C-12- portrait linens mounted on board). For the purpose of the workshop feel free to use cheaper panels. Randy will discuss panels and supplies during the workshop.

    You will be painting about 2 paintings per day, so bring a variety of panels (or canvases) ranging from 8 x 10 to 16 x 20 or whatever your comfort zone is. For example, Randy forces himself to work with 8 x 10’s or smaller, and frequently finds they are the most successful on location.

    ―If you choose to use the cheap canvas boards, try adding a layer or two of gesso to them to build up (and vary) the surface. It makes it more fun to paint on.


"I’ve detailed below the palette I use full time. It’s not mandatory that you use the full palette. Feel free to delete the earth colors if you want to use a ‘limited palette’"

  •   Cadmium Yellow Light or Cadmium Lemon

  •   Permanent Orange (Holbein Brand)

  •   Gold Ochre or Yellow Ochre Pale

  •   Cadmium Red Light or Cadmium Scarlet

  •   Venetian Red or Terra Rosa

  •   Permanent Alizarin Crimson

  •   Ultramarine Blue Deep

  •   Compose Blue (Holbein Brand) or Cerulean Blue

  •   Viridian

  •   Sap Green

  •   Titanium White (large tube)

  •   Translucent Red Oxide (Rembrandt, Dana or Shminke Brand) or Burnt Sienna

    Other Recommended Supplies:

  •   Thermos of Water (We’ll also supply beverages)

  •   Sunscreen

  •   Hat or visor

  •   Small Portable Chair for out on Location

  •   Umbrella for your Easel

  •   Sketch book and pencils

  •   Small Trash Bag 

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