“SUGGESTED” COLORS;  (not mandatory)

Detailed below is the palette I use full time (just so you know)…but you are welcome to use the palette that you are more accustomed to using…

For Friday,( short poses or quick studies)… a limited palette of Black, Red, Yellow, and White  is good for beginning students.  Choose one:

For a “Muted Limited Palette”:  Ivory Black, Venetian Red, Golden Ochre or Yellow Ochre Pale and Ttitanium White

For a “Brighter Limited Palette”: Ivory Black,  Quinacridone Red,  Cadmium Yellow Light . and  Titanium White. 

And White, recommended, but feel free to use the palette of your choice….whatever is comfortable.  An optional limited palette is also listed

For Saturday (Long pose): Beginning Students add Cadmium Red  light and a green …More experienced can use colors of their choice (or my palette)

My Palette:

  • Ivory Black

      .     Ultramarine Blue

  • Viridian Hue (Holbein)
  • Transparent Red Oxide (Rembrandt)
  • Quinacridone Red 
  • Cadmium Scarlet,   (Cad Red Light), or  (Permanent Red Light – Rembrandt) 
  • Gold Ochre (or yellow ochre pale)
  • Cadmium Lemon (or Cad Yellow Light) 
  • Titanium White


OPTIONAL COLORS: Venetian Red, Transparent Red Oxide 

                                        Naples Yellow, Compose Blue



 ( A well maintained assortment that contains some of the following:), 

HOG BRISTLE:: Filberts, Flats, and Rounds- #4,#6,#8…..with one larger flat 


Soft Hair detail brush Round- 0, 1 or 2

French easel…or comparable.

Solvent container 

Clean Solvent;   Gamsol or Turpinoid)…..*(nothing stronger, please)

Pallette Knife


For Faster drying….I’ve been using Graham’s Walnut Alkyd Medium most recently with great results….otherwise…just use Gamsol or Turpinoid

Also have recently been experimenting with some other  mediums including Neo-Meglip…and Solvent-free Gel by Gamblin 

 No Liquin or Damar based mediums

 Panels or Canvas:

 Much like the Palette – Painting substrate is your choice. Whatever size is comfortable for you  Panels are easier for any “Wipe-out” techniques. Good quality portrait linen is great but cheap canvas panels are ok too…I use a coat or two of gesso for a better surface on the cheap panels.

For Friday Short(ish) poses):  Bring 5-6 panels  (sizes can vary but average – 11 x 14 to 14 x 18  

 For Saturday (Long pose):  Bring 1 medium size toned canvasses (or panels)..(14 x 18 to 20 x 24)…(and one small for warm up)

Rags or Paper towels.


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