Required supplies for this class:

        Portable easel (French easel, half easel, pochade box 

        Container for washing brushes (Holbein brush cleaner, Silicoil jar, or something similar)

        Gamsol ONLY

        Portable palette

        Paper towels and a small trash bag

        Sketch book and pencils

        Natural bristle brushes: Flats 2, 4 and 6 (at least 2 each)

        Palette knife

        Small Pocket mirror or MVP

        Recommended Paints: I usually buy my paints and supplies, except easels, at Utrecht (800-223-9132) for catalog and store locations

        Colors: Cadmium Yellow Pale, Light; Cadmium Orange; Yellow Ochre; Cadmium Red Light; Pthalo Red Rose or Quinacradone Rose (or something close); Alizarin Crimson (optional); Ultramarine Blue and/or Cobalt Blue; Cerulean Blue Hue; Viridian; Ivory Black; Titanium white (large tube); Burnt Umber; Sap Green

        Any specialty colors you like. If you’re more comfortable with certain colors than what I have listed here, that’s fine; I do recommend a range of colors and not just a limited palette.

        Panels: Assortment of canvas boards, 12x16 up to 16 x 20 (Four per day; cotton or linen)

     Camera (optional)

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