Erin's Oil Painting Supplies

These are materials you will need each week. 

I've told you my favorites, but feel free to bring 

your own version of the following:


Sketchbook: 5x8”

Pencil: mechanical 5mm


Paint: Winton by Windsor and Newton 

if you're new, 37ml is plenty.

Titanium White

Cadmium Red Deep

Cadmium Yellow Light

French Ultramarine Blue

Ivory Black


Palette: at least 9x12” big

wood, glass, or wax paper tablet (grey is best)


Brushes: your assortment.

At least: 

#2 small synthetic round

#6 or #8 bristle filbert or flat



Gamsol or Odorless Mineral Spirits in airtight container.

(Anderson Can, or glass jars)

No turpentine, mineral spirits, or paint thinner


Mediums: none. Give it a try.


Paper Towels:

one roll

Bounty or Viva, one that doesn't shred is preferable



Canvas surfaces, size 6x8, 9x12, but no bigger than 11x14

either panels, or loose canvas pieces taped to board*

*in which case, bring drawing board or foam board



old shirt or apron to cover clothes

comfortable shoes to stand in

box to keep tools in: pencil box, cigar box, tackle box

water bottle

coffee (you know who you are)


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