Titanium White (Large Tube)

    Cadmium Yellow Lt. or Pale (Regular Size Tube)

    Yellow Ochre            "

    Cadmium Orange            "

    Cadmium Red Pale or Lt.        "

    Cadmium Red Deep        "

    Alizarin Crimson            "

    Raw Sienna                "

    Burnt Sienna                "

    Burnt Umber                "

    Cadmium Green Lt., (Windsor Newton)(Regular Size Tube)

    Cinnabar Green Medium (Rembrandt)        "

    Viridian                        "

    Cerulean Blue                    "

    Ultra Marine Blue                    "

    Mars Black            (optional .- color not used often)            "



    Raphael - Paris, (Type #3572 Bristle Filbert) Size #4, #6, #8

    Windsor Newton Lexington, Brights, Size #1, #2, #3

    Silver Brush Renaissance (Type #7110) Red Sable #1, #2



    Linseed Oil 

    Turpenoid or Gamsol




        Four -10" x 12" 

        One - 11" x 14"

        Two - 12" x 14"

        One -12" x 16"

        One - 18" x 22"

        - each coated with two thin layers of gesso and sanded, but retain a slight toothed        surface.  IT SHOULD NOT BE AS SMOOTH AS GLASS

        Then apply a thin smooth layer of gray neutral color oil paint, thinned slightly with 

        turpenoidand allow to dry.  Then sand panel for a smooth surface, BUT NOT AS         SMOOTH AS GLASS.  Apply a second coat of paint , repeating process.


    If you prefer canvas for the larger sizes, 12' x 16" and 18" x 22" you can use

    TWO STRETCHED CANVASES:   Portrait linen or Cotton Duck PRIMED         canvas.  This is a smooth canvas, NOT ROUGH.




    Two metal cups with caps (for turpenoid and linseed oil)

    Palette Knife

    Soap for washing brushes

    Rags and Paper Towels

    French Easel with a Wooden or Plastic Palette 

        Or a 12" x 16" Wooden Paint Box with a Wooden or Plastic Palette.



    Bring whatever materials you are used to working with.

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