Marjorie Hicks: Let’s Cut to the Chase


Linen canvases or boards;

1- 16x20 acrylic or oil primed, leave    

6-8 smaller linen canvases; 9x12, 12x12, 12x16, 11x14 are good sizes.  

For your small linen canvases, please leave half of your canvases white, and tone the other half. (For toning directions see below) I also enjoy using “senso” unbleached linen boards.  I consider these perfectly toned canvases. 


EASIEST -  Tone your canvas’ with a mid value grey acrylic paint.  Just cover your canvas or board with the paint, and leave to dry.  (This should be dry within 20-30 minutes or so) Easy Peasy.

A bit more work, but I think learning to stain/tone your canvas with oil, is a valued lesson in and of itself!  Please use a mix of raw umber and ultramarine blue.  To tone with oil paint, simply put a small amount of raw umber and ultramarine blue on your board with a bit of odorless Gamsol mineral spirits, and completely cover your board with a large bristle brush.  You should now have a board covered in a DEEP value. VERY DARK. Then, take a towel/cloth, and wipe it down until you have a nice mid grey tone.  Rub well, so that when you run your finger over the canvas, there will be no mark left from your finger.  If, when you have wiped the paint off, your canvas is still a light value, just apply more paint, and repeat this process.  You should stain a couple of days prior to class so that your foundation will be mostly dry.  You’ll notice that ultra marine blue is much stronger than raw umber, so if you want your grey to be on the warm side don’t use much blue.  

We will want to get painting right away when you arrive please arrive with your canvases ready to go!  (If any of you are still confused at all, please feel free to call me @615-516-8932)


OIL COLORS:  A limited paette is all that you need:

Cad Yellow

Cad Red

Ultra Marine Blue

Titanium White


If you would like to bring more colors with you, feel free.  Some that you might consider would be:

Yellow Ochre

Dioxazine Purple

Phthalo Blue

Alizarin Crimson/or another cool red

Transparent Oxide Red/ or Burnt Umber

One last color I enjoy using is Alizarin Yellow



Bring 2 of each size 2,4,6,8 hog hair filberts

Also, 1 of each size 2,4,6,8 synthetic long flats

GAMSOL ONLY.  Viva paper towels, (or a rag if you prefer) an easel you are comfortable with, and a trash bag.


Finally, please arrive with a spirit of trying something new!  We all tend to cling tightly to what has brought us success in the past.  (Not a bad thing!) But, I’m grateful to my teachers that forced my hand at REALLY letting go, to try out a new concept.  Fly fearlessly without a net, I’LL CATCH YOU!  Looking forward to painting with you ️




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