Building Blocks For Painting A Child Portrait by Louis Carr

Materials List:


RayMar Panel Claessens 13 linen double primed, no larger than 9 x 12.


Paintbook by Edge Pro Gear

Painting Materials:

● Oil paint: I generally prefer Old Holland, Michael Harding, Rublev or Winsor & Newton Paints - I have listed these in order, clockwise as seen on my pallette. The colors in BOLD are required for the workshop. The others are optional, or you could bring, in addition to the required ones, what you normally like on your palette.

○ Neutral value # 7

○ Neutral value # 6

○ Ivory Black (Old Holland)

○ Violet Grey (Old Holland)

○ Ultramarine Blue (Winsor & Newton)

○ Azure Blue (Sennelier)

○ Cobalt Blue (Sennelier)

○ Kings Blue (Williamsburg)

○ Viridian (Winsor & Newton)

○ Sap Green (Winsor & Newton)

Raw Umber (Old Holland)

○ Transparent Oxide Yellow (Michael Harding)

○ Transperent Oxide red (Michael Harding)

○ Permanent Alizarin Crimson ( Winsor & Newton)

○ Cadmium Red (Winsor & Newton)

○ Cadmium Orange (Michael Harding)

○ Brilliant Yellow-Reddish (Old Holland)

○ Cadmium Yellow (Gamblin)

○ Nickle Titanium Yellow (Old Holland)

Titanium White (Winsor & Newton)

○ Lead white #2 (Rublev)

Building Blocks For Painting A Child Portrait by Louis Carr

● Brushes - Rosemary & Co exclusively (Michael Klein Floral Set)

● 5⁄8” and 1⁄4” Eclipse X Long Comber

● Metal palette knife

● Paper towels (Viva) or Cotton Rags

● Orderless Mineral Spirits – Gamsol

● Proper jar/vessel to contain Gamsol

● Mediums: Linseed Oil, Oleogel (Rublev)

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