Follow GPS directions but remember that the Bedford Creek Rd. sign is not positioned so you can see it until you turn onto the road. What you will see is a big LLL(Triple L) Ranch sign and then you know to turn left on Bedford Creek.

You go about a mile . As you come up a small hill you will see a gray barn on the right. It has an insignia on the front. It is hard to see the mailbox, but it is 5145. It is listed online as 5121 and I think that is the second entrance where the office is. They sell their beef to local restaurants.

Turn right and down the incline and over the set of grates. Hang a right and go back toward the barn. We line our cars perpendicular to the fence as far up as you need to go. 

You can drive a car to the restroom or walk There is one restroom and it is in the office. You will see lots of freezers and there is one door where the office is. 

Sometimes the cows are in the field across from the barn area. They are harmless, but curious. Their water source is the creek so they may come near you to get to the water. 

The shelter we used in case of rain is filled with hay bales, so plan accordingly. 

And of course, leave no trace.

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