Lisa Daria Kennedy • Materials List and Vendors


Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Oil paint if using oil in selected colors. GAMSOL only must be used to thin paint if using oil.

Alizarin Crimson Hue Permanent
Cadmium Red Medium or Napthol Red (cad red is often on backorder) Cadmium Yellow Light
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Phthalo blue (green shade)
Ultramarine Blue (green shade)
Titanium White
Optional color (great for pinks) - Quinacridone Magenta

Painting Surfaces

Masonite/Hardboard Panels, qty 10 - 6”x6” masonite boards/hardboard

Dura-Lar - Matte Film - 1 25 sheet 9x12" pad


Brush sizes change depending on brand, these below are a good size for loose, ex- pressive marks. They are also economical brushes that have a good shelf life and
work well with acrylic and oil. clickTracking=true2 Windsor and Newton University Bright #8 Series 237 -

1 Windsor and Newton University Bright #12 Series 237 -


Paper towels
Spray bottle for water - a travel hairspray bottle for a fine mist is recommended Disposable palette
View Catcher Spot light (clip on, from hardware store is fine)
Light Bulb - Sylvania, Halogen - 50 Watt Spot can be purchased at Stop and Shop - makes a bright, clean light - *it is very important to have a strong light source Empty container for water to wash brushes in - anything will do -
Turp container for oil only - must be non flammable and sealable -GAMSOL ONLY

Easel, tabletop or freestanding - My setup is from Panel Holder (optional) -



Still life objects - fruit, vegetables, vessels, fabric - we are painting small panels, so make sure objects/vases are on the smaller size - small jars like honey, mustard, etc. work great.

OIL - all demos are done in acrylic, but oil painters are welcome - all supplies above/colors/surfaces/brushes transfer to oil*
Recommended Oil Brands
Utrect Store Brand, Dick Blick, Williamsburg, (stay away from student grade) Oil Medium

1/3 Linseed, 1/3 OMS, 1/3 Stand

*Turp/Odorless Mineral Spirits
Please only use GAMSOL by Gamblin - Odorless Mineral Spirits -
Please do not use any other turp from hardware store, or any other brands due to odor.
Also not allowed in class Liquin, Damar Varnish, Galkyd or Japan Dryer for the same reason.



Why One Small Painting Every Day?

“Out of routine comes inspiration. That's the idea, anyway.” - Michael Kimmelman

The benefit of creating one small painting day stems from the act of routine as practice. Routines are simultaneously freeing and grounding. Through daily practice comes inspiration, growth and confidence. There is only one thing to remember, you cannot have the good without the bad, if painting number eleven is bad, there is always number twelve. This is about process not the finished product.


Choose a surface that’s affordable. Masonite panels are around $1 each - depending on size.
The more economical the easier it is to paint. Less investment financially leads to more freedom emotionally.

Working with acrylic leads to less prep time, no need to gesso a canvas or surface. Less fuss preparing a surface equals more time painting. A readily available surface like a masonite panel also alleviates fear of ‘ruining’ a surface. I think using masonite panels reduces the stress of having to create a masterpiece

Recommended Viewing - Elizabeth Gilbert, author on nurturing creativity

“Elizabeth Gilbert muses on the im 

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