Hello Workshop Attendees,

Since the thrust of this class is abstraction, working with different mediums and tools goes a long way towards altering how we think and create.

On the first day we will be doing a lot of studies with an ink pen and watercolor to explore ideas. This may be outside or in studio. Using the studies and reference we will be doing some experimentation with process and materials. You can stay with your preferred medium or you can try using house paints from Home Depot, Lowes or similar. But this process with house paints really can open you up creatively.

Here are the things you will need:

    Bring your usual set up for oils, acrylics, watercolor, etc. Portable easel, brushes, Gamsol,  the works. 
    In addition, you will need a smallish watercolor or multi-media sketchbook, a cheap kids watercolor set and some cheap watercolor brushes. You can get all of  this at Michaels or your local art store for about $25, an ink pen and a pencil.
     Now for the fun part, go to the Home Depot paint department, ask for the Oops bin and see what's in it. They usually have an assortment of odd return colors in the tester size and grab as many as you can. These half-pint acrylic latex, eggshell, color tester paints are 50¢ each! You want about 10 to 12 of these in a range of values; gray greens, pinks, chartreuse, pumpkin patch, lilac, odd grays and warm tones are all good. Whatever you don't find you can have mixed for $4 each, whatever appeals to you.

 Make sure you end up with a range of values and hues, about 10-12 small containers (or more) eggshell or flat are best.

While at the hardware store look for unusual tools to paint with, I use cheap 2 and 3" brushes (see pic below) foam brushes, squeegees, spreaders, knockdown knives and sponges.  These are all dirt cheap. You can get out of there for around $25. Art stores also carry a line of rubber scrapers but the hardware store is cheaper

A water jar or plastic cup, paper towels, tape, scissors, etc. 
    Palette for the house paints. I use a flat plastic tray (with curved edges) from the local deli used for party platters. It's $4.

 For the house paint exercises we will work on 16x16, 20x20 to 24x24 (pick one or two sizes) canvases in the studio. And/orCut unstretched ( my preference) acrylic primed cotton duck and tape off 20x20 or whatever and a board to tape them to. Standard drawing board or gatorboard or masonite panel about 18x24 or big enough to support your cut canvases. I'll bring a roll of canvas to cut up just in case.

Bring a stack of small STUDIES that you have done, photo reference in the form of print, Ipad, laptop etc. .

One last thing a crop tool. You can make one by cutting up heavy paper into two L's or maybe get some frame corner samples from your local framer.

   I'm putting the fun back in fundamentals!

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