This is an in-door workshop so, please bring painted studies and as much additional photographic reference of the various scenes that you painted studies of.



You can work with your own color palette, but if you prefer you can work with my palette. The colors listed below comprise the palette that I am accustomed to working with.  This limited palette forces me to have to mix all of the colors I see in the landscape.  I will be instructing the workshop based on this palette.         

Permanent Alizarin Crimson,   Cadmium Yellow Medium,  Raw Sienna,  Permanent Rose,                         Ultramarine Blue,   Titanium White,  Cadmium Lemon, Transparent Oxide Brown(Rembrandt brand) ,  Ivory Black         


I like to use bristle brushes or what is referred to as “Hog Bristle” brushes and soft brushes in the

following sizes. 

Bristle brushes:  Filberts: An assortment of sizes:  Number 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10

Brights: An assortment of sizes: Number 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Soft haired brushes: (Suggestion badger hair or synthetic brushes in sizes of 1”, and ½”).


You can work on stretched canvas, canvas panels or cut pieces of canvas taped to a rigid surface. I suggest bring a number of smaller canvas panels or boards (3 to 4) in a size 6” x 8”, 8” x 10”or 11” X 14” to work on each day for interim paintings.  Suggested sizes for your studio paintings can be 11” x14”,12” x 16”, 

16’ x 20” no larger than 18” x 24”.


PAINT THINNER: Please bring ONLY Gamsol. Other "odorless" mineral spirits are no so odorless and can cause headaches.


There are many portable easels and pochade boxes on the market. Be sure that the one you chose to use will accommodate the size canvas that you chose to paint.


There are a variety of palettes for artist to choose from. I would suggest you use one that you are comfortable with. There are paper palettes; plastic ones with lids, wooden hand held ones and some of the newest ones are palettes that work with the French style easels.  Some of these are referred to as “The French Companion” and the “The Easel Pal”.  I have one similar to these and find it to be my choice of palettes.


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