Jim Himsworth Watercolor Workshop
Suggested Supply List

*Please Bring:
Two water containers
Roll of Paper towels
One roll of 1" Artist's (White) tape,
One pencil and rubber eraser
W/C palette and masking fluid

Paper: Rough or Cold Pressed Arches, Fabriano or Kilimanjaro - 300# is best. 140# is acceptable, but may buckle - especially when unstretched.  Be advised, if you choose to use a 140# watercolor block, some buckling may still occur, although not as much as unstretched 140# paper. Consider using Gatorboard - it's a lightweight, acid-free stiff board on which to secure and stretch W/C paper. Size: Most of our paintings will be smaller; so you may divide up a larger sheet by cutting or with Artist's 1" tape.

Brushes: # 4, 8 and 12 round. At least one, 1 inch or larger flat brush. Usually the more expensive the brush, the better it holds its shape and the better it holds water. That said, we will work with whatever W/C brushes you bring. *You may want to bring a cheap small round brush for applying masking fluid as well.

Tube Colors: Again, these colors are suggested, but bring your favorites if you prefer.           My current, favorite brands are M. Graham Co. and Winsor & Newton.

Quinacridone Rose

Cad. Red, Light

Maroon Perylene

Hookers Green, Dark

Thalo Green or Winsor Green

Sap Green

Cobalt Teal

Cerulean Blue

Cobalt Blue

Ultramarine Blue

Azo Yellow

Cad. Yellow, Medium

Burnt Sienna

Raw Sienna

Yellow Ochre

Ivory Black

Chinese White


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