Alyssa Monks' Workshop Syllabus

Day 1:

• Why this workshop/Objective of the workshop/Methods and plan

• What makes a good photo reference and how to create one in more detail and go over examples.

• Students will pick from a supply that is provided for subjects that interest them and are also good references to work


• Initial thumbnail drawings of the image and decide how to crop or recompose the subject.

• Imprematura demonstration to extrapolate and celebrate the essence of the image and compose the painting, explanation

of measuring techniques for accuracy.

• Hone composition with as much detail as desired as they frm up their compositions. Complete 2 studies and 1 larger

imprematura as well as the sketches.

Day 2:

• Color progression/color relationships discussion

• Color mixing, (matching) and palette preparation, understanding color progression

• Discussion and demonstration on application, edges, brushstroke, thick or thin paint, etc.

• How to see volume instead of silhouettes and paint form, various techniques discussed

• Editing detail in photograph

Day 3

• Initial application covering entire surface, taking care of color relationships and exploring new application techniques, to

create initial illusion based on color in photograph

• Discussion on responding to the painting vs. the photograph.

• Experimentation and exploration: not following the photograph perfectly or literally. Making intentional strokes and

informed decisions. When and how to experiment and why it’s essential to the painting process.

• What is the useful information to look for in the photograph? Anatomical clues, volumes, structure, drawing issues solved

by avoiding the silhouette and looking at the internal structure and volumes as opposed to the outline

• Pitfalls to avoid when reading the photograph

Days 4

• Lecture on responding to the painting vs. the photograph.

• Discussion of desired results varying from abstraction/improvisation to a more realistic illusion

• What is the essence of your subject that must be conveyed with the intimacy of the human touch beyond the photorealistic


• How to fnish, what is fnished, you are the frst audience.


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