Terry Miura: Oil Painting Demonstration: Landscape Study

California Overlook.jpg
California Overlook.jpg

Terry Miura: Oil Painting Demonstration: Landscape Study


February 4th
Wednesday Evening
6-9 pm

Terry Miura is an artist that appears to have mastered many genres: figures, landscapes and cityscapes.  He will be teaching a 4 day figure workshop February 5-8 and the night before he will be sharing another area of expertise with Nashville artists, his approach to painting the landscape.  Don't miss this opportunity to watch and learn from Terry!

After graduating from Art Center College of Design in 1990, Terry Miura headed out to New York City to pay his dues. He began his career as a freelance illustrator, creating imagery for such clients as Time, Newsweek, Rollingstone, and Sports Illustrated, to name a few.

In between illustration assignments he painted and exhibited cityscapes, and continued his transition to becoming a full time painter after returning to the West Coast in 1996.

Miura’s evocative tonalist landscapes explore the relationship between memory, emotions, and identity. "Although they're still very much representational," says Miura, "they're not about specific locations. Well, actually they are, but the locations are found in my and the viewer's memories. Not out there in the physical world. "

With atmosphere, mood, and abstraction as driving characteristics of his work, Miura has, more recently been revisiting the complexities of the cityscape as a major part of his repertoire. Urban Aria, his latest solo exhibition at Thomas Reynolds Gallery in San Francisco, illustrates his mastery in this genre.

Emotion and abstraction carries over to his figurative works. It is in this genre that Miura finds most personal expression; “In painting the figure, I allow myself to get lost in the process and take more risks. Only by deconstructing the representational and the objective, am I able to tap into the more subconscious, intuitive voice which for me, is at once mysterious and authentic.”

His works are represented by The Christopher Hill Gallery in St. Helena and Healdsburg, Sloane Merrill Gallery in Boston, Thomas Reynolds Gallery in San Francisco, Anne Irwin Gallery in Atlanta, Sekula’s in Sacramento, and Holton Studio in Emeryville, Ca.

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