Still Life: Set Up for Success: 7 Tuesday Mornings, October 6-November 17

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Still Life: Set Up for Success: 7 Tuesday Mornings, October 6-November 17


Set Up for Success

7 Tuesdays, Oct 6 - Nov 17, 
$295 (with one "free week" so you can take a fall break)
Tuesday Mornings 9 am-12 pm

"Have your still life, and paint it too."

This class is a response to consistent requests for advice about what and how to arrange for still life practice away from the Warehouse. WHAT TO PAINT? is the hurdle that keeps so many of us from the easel.

Our goal in this class will be to arrange, and complete a small painted study each week from life. Coaching will begin with the arrangement process itself, and extend to assisting in targeting and achieving goals in realistic, impressionistic painting.

Each week, you will have a scavenger hunt at home for suggested items to bring. There will be a different theme to each week, to encourage you to explore subjects for different properties. In the event you show up empty handed, the Warehouse still life shelves will come to your rescue.

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