Seth Haverkamp. 2 Day Portrait Workshop. Saturday & Sunday July 30 & 31

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Seth Haverkamp. 2 Day Portrait Workshop. Saturday & Sunday July 30 & 31


Artist Reception
Haynes Galleries
Friday, July 29th

Warehouse 521
Saturday and Sunday
July 30 & 31
9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Strength through Simplicity:  Two Ala-Prima Portrait Approaches


To demonstrate and explore the essentials characteristics in a person and paint only what is needed to make a successful portrait.  Paint two complete portraits in two different styles to show that a likeness and a strong 3 dimensional head is best achieved through large shapes.

Day 1

First Approach: Limited palette, emphasis on drawing large shapes, and structure.

Using the envelope as a starting point for drawing in the head, we will focus on getting our large shadow shapes in the correct spot and proportion using burnt umber.   Working dark to light, we will then fill in the light part of the portrait with a generalized flesh color of our model, focusing on value.  Focus will then be shifted to slight color adjustments.  We will use color shifts by mixing colors into a larger pool of our flesh color.  

Emphasis in this approach will be placed on Structure.   This comprises an accurate description of features, value placement, and edges.

Day 2

Second Approach: Full palette, emphasis on painting accurate colors and the light directly, with no drawing or underpainting.

We will mix an accurate flesh color of the model and proceed to paint in the entire head.  We will focus on painting large shapes with accurate color, working towards painting smaller shapes until our portrait is fully realized.  Features will fall into place automatically.  We will paint features on top of accurately placed planes and shapes.  At the end of the day we will have a complete portrait, both painterly and yet controlled.

Emphasis in this approach is Shapes.  By not focusing on drawing but instead focusing on only shapes, our drawing has the potential to be more accurate and our likeness correct.

To see more of Seth's work, please visit his website:   Seth's work is currently on display at Haynes Galleries in Nashville.


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