Rick Casali: Portrait Workshop Intensive June 16-20

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Rick Casali: Portrait Workshop Intensive June 16-20


Portrait Workshop Intensive
Sculpt for 3 days, Paint for 2 days!
June 16-20 
9 am-4 pm
$650 -includes model fees

Get 3-D structure in your Portrait Paintings! Designed for all levels of ability, this innovative workshop aims to bridge the gap between sculpture and painting.  Mon-Wed the class will sculpt a life-like portrait bust, working from the model.  Thurs and Fri, students will have the opportunity to paint the same model in oils, making a direct connection to lessons learned in clay. 

A professional portrait painter and figurative sculptor, Rick Casali offers a unique approach to teaching the Portrait.  Each day will consist of several demos by Casali addressing the forms of the head, anatomy of the features, and specific proportions of each model.   


Pay in Full
Rick Casali Sculpture Workshop Balance
Pay Balance


Sculpture Supplies

  • Call 1-800-972-8578 or go to www.sculpt.com, Click “Materials, Tools, Supplies, and Services”
  • Go to ww.sculpt.com, Click “Materials...” at top center, click "Armatures..." link, scroll down to head armatures, add to cart order #332220 - Professional Head Armature 20" (quantity 1).
  • Click "Clay Tool Index"
  • Click "Wire Tools"
  • Scroll down to last tool, add to cart one 17403A
  • Click "Clay Tool Index"
  • Click "Hand Crafted Polished Hardwood Tools"
  • Scroll down to very bottom table "Small Handmade Wooden Modeling tools" 
  • Add to cart one 17262 
  • 20 lbs of non drying JMAC Classic Clay will be delivered to Warehouse521 for you. 
    -- JMAC Classic clay is a good long term investment because it is reusable and it never dries.

Painting Supplies

  • Palette -- wood, plastic, or glass. I recommend Palettes by Lee Boynton, http://leeboynton.com/book/1213/palette-and-carrying-box  410-268-4263.
  • Oil Paints -- Almost any brand is acceptable: Gamblin, Winsor Newton, Rembrandt, etc.
  • Colors (small tubes except White) -- Viridian Green, Cerulean Blue or Cerulean Blue hue (cheaper), French Ultramarine, Dioxizine Purple, Permanent Rose, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cadmium Yellow Light, Titanium White (large tube!), Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Burt Sienna, Indian Yellow (I prefer WN)
  • Palette Knife -- A medium-sized flexible diamond shaped blade
  • Canvas -- no sizes smaller than 12x16in! Good sizes 16x20in, 20x24in etc.
  • A few sticks of vine Charcoal 
  • Brushes - longer the bristle the better. I prefer filberts, rounds and flats. For small detail work get some tiny rounds.
  • Paper Towels -- Bounty is best!

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