Richard Greathouse Figure Drawing Workshop September 18-20


Richard Greathouse Figure Drawing Workshop September 18-20



September 18-20
9 am-4 pm
$375 includes model fee

Richard Greathouse is a Nashville native and a graduate of the Florence Academy of Art in Italy where he is a current instructor.  He is passionate about teaching and his focus is the figure and portraiture.  Richard will teach you the same method he teaches students in Italy, only you do not need a passport! 

This 3 day intensive workshop will focus on drawing the human figure from life.  Special attention will be given to observing the model using the sight-size approach, understanding the basic construction of the human form, searching for the visual rhythms that exist on the model using the drawing materials to accentuate line quality and understanding form. Richard is represented by Haynes Galleries in Nashville. Workshop limited to 10 students.


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-- Nitram Charcoal, hardnesses H, HB, and B

 The students will mainly need HB (the medium hardness, in the orange package), but it is good to have some B and H, so maybe if you want to buy some in bulk they can buy individual sticks from you (they come in packs of 5).  This charcoal may be purchased online on Amazon.

-- Soft vine charcoal, in thin sticks (I see on Amazon that Nitram also makes this, which I haven't tried, but I think Windsor and Newton makes some that should work fine) 

-- Graphite pencils, hardnesses of HB and B

-- Kneaded eraser - any brand is fine, preferably Prismacolor

-- Hog bristle fan brush

-- white chalk pencil (not oil pastel, but the dry kind that is erasable)

-- a roll of masking tape

-- an exacto knife

-- small hand held mirror

-- 8 sheets of paper, 18x24 in., in any color besides white or the darker colors (so the cream, light grays, etc. are good) of either:

              -- Canson Mi Teintes

              -- Fabriano Ingres

Both brands are available at Plaza Art in downtown; Michael's in Berry Hill has some of the Canson; and Jerry's out in Hickory Hollow has the full range of Canson



Recommended books:  for your reference - not required to buy


Harold Speed - The Practice and Science of Drawing


George Bridgman - Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life



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