Lead White (Rublev sells a very affordable lead white, in either linseed or walnut oil. If you need to use Titanium white, try to get the titanium/zinc mixture, to cut down on the opacity; however I HIGHLY recommend lead white over titanium or zinc)

Yellow Ochre

English red


Cobalt blue

Ivory Black

Ultramarine blue

Transparent red oxide



A range of natural Chungking bristle brushes, preferably long filberts. Egberts also encouraged! A few soft hair brushes (e.g. sable or mongoose). Rosemary and Co has a nice selection, otherwise I prefer Escoda Clasico or Robert Simmons Signet. 



Linen canvas with oil ground, or properly sealed true gesso (i.e., covered with a thin layer of retouch varnish or rabbitskin glue to cut down on absorbency). The idea is to have something with medium tooth and medium absorbency. Claessens' style 12 works well. Stretched canvas or canvas on panel both work. No need to apply an imprimatura beforehand; we will work directly onto the white canvas. Size of the canvas should be around 20"x18", enough space for a life-size head and shoulders. 




Cold pressed linseed oil

Sun-thickened linseed oil

Damar retouch varnish



Palette knife

Palette cups

A sizable palette

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