Maggie Siner: Touch of the Brush Lecture. Wednesday, January 21st, 6-8 pm

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Maggie Siner: Touch of the Brush Lecture. Wednesday, January 21st, 6-8 pm


Wednesday, January 21
6-8 pm

Principles of composition involve much more than a system of rules or the placement of objects.   Composition is the entire relationship of parts to whole, from the individual brushstroke to the largest shapes. Brushstrokes themselves, far from being just surface texture, are carriers of direction and intent: every mark is part of the composition creating structure, unity and meaning in painting.   The touch of the brush mark, or the handwriting, is a primary element whose expressive power is often overlooked.   

The touch of the brush is such a primary element in constructing a painting that it is often overlooked.  Brushstrokes can be wild and thrilling, or calming and caressing, and as individually expressive as every unique artist.  The character of mark making, or Calligraphy,  informs and creates expression and structure in painting.   Maggie learned much about this from studying ink painting in China.  Her sensitivity to mark-making has been deeply affected by the profundity with which Chinese read and manipulate brushwork.

The evening slide lecture will introduce these ideas and show how great painting is all about making connections between the brush marks and the whole composition, creating meaningful movements inside the rectangle.


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